Global Campus World Café – Inspiring students in a funny way!

On the 3rd of December, Kopin’s team of volunteers invited University students to participate in a fun and interactive event called the Global Campus World Café. The event took place from 11am to 3pm at the Canteen at University of Malta. The activity was part of the INSPIRE component of the Global Campus project, and the aim was to raise students’ awareness about what is going on in the World in terms of global social justice issues. 

To promote the event the World Café team engaged with a number of students’ organisations and visited several University lectures to speak for a few minutes about the event in front of the students.


KSU (the University Students’ Council), AIESEC, ESO (European Studies Organisation), BAG (Bicycle Advocacy Group Malta), Bum a Lift, Travelling Smart, Greenhouse Malta and Insite – all organisations who focus on global social justice issues, the environment or sustainability – joined Kopin in holding short activities or informing students about their work. 

Kopin, AIESEC, KSU and ESO provided activities, mainly quizzes to test students’ knowledge of topics such as social development, human rights, sustainability and social justice. The feedback given by the more than 300 students who took part in the activities was very positive, with the majority of them stating that the activities were informative and interesting, while those gave them the opportunity to win cool Fair Trade  prizes. Apart from the quizzes, there was a workshop on upcycling organised by Greenhouse Malta and Insite, which showed students how to convert magazines into Christmas trees.

Moreover, there were two stalls which provided information to the students: one was manned by representatives of BAG Malta and Travelling Smart – an initiative by Institute for Sustainable Development at University of Malta -, who informed students about sustainable ways of get to University  and commuting in Malta, as well as social, health and environmental concerns; the other was manned by members of the team and provided information about the Global Campus project. Other members of Kopin’s staff promoted the new video competition “Give a Damn – Use that Cam 2.0” and collected signatures for the online petition that asks decision-makers at the University of Malta to give students more opportunities to access global learning.

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