Introduction to International Development Cooperation

Students of different ages, nationalities and backgrounds attended a total of seven lectures, where they were able to attain valuable information and put forth their very own views and beliefs on the issues being discussed. Topics ranged from Concepts and Institutions for Development, to Migration, Gender, Aid, Climate Change and Campaigning for Social Change.

The educational activity reached its climax with a two-day seminar in April, addressing the topics of Project Development and Management in the context of International Development Cooperation. During the first half of this event, participants were well-equipped with the basic theory involved in such a process. Throughout the second day, the students were split into teams and allowed to put the theory into practice by attempting to formulate a project proposal on their own, based on real calls for proposals, at both national and international level, with the help and supervision of KOPIN’s team. The feedback from both the participants and the lecturers was very positive, and similar courses will take place in summer and Autumn/Winter of 2014.

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