Event #LightTheWay completed succesfully

The event #LightTheWay was organised in the framework of the Action/2015 campaign and the Global Campus Project, both coordinated by the Maltese NGO Kopin (VO/0200).

Action/2015 is the global campaign launched by the Global Call Against Poverty (GCAP) and has the aim of raising awareness on the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the COP 21, while the Global Campus project raises awareness among University students about sustainable development, social justice and sustainability related issues. Both projects are co-financed by the European Union. The aim of the event #LightTheWay was to inform the general public about the transition from MDGs to SDGs, which officially happened on 24th September, when the UN General Assembly was held in New York City to present the development strategy to be implemented in the coming 15 years. The theme of light had the symbolic meaning of inviting general public to “light the way” of global leaders towards a more sustainable development strategy by taking concrete actions to implement the goals they presented.

As part of this event Kopin engaged a number of student organisations from the University of Malta, offering them a number of training sessions (on event organisation, campaigning and the transition between MDGs and SDGs) and also support in developing the activities they carried out during the event. The response from student organisations was positive: three organisations took part in the event, namely MIRSA, SIERA and ESO, offering various activities which were engaging children while their parents were receiving information about the global goals.

Besides students’ organisations, other institutions, too, participated in the event. Friends of the Earth (Malta), in cooperation with Terra Firma, informed people about environmental aspects concerning the SDGs and the UN climate conference COP21 which will take place in Paris at the end of this year; General Workers Union Youth distributed information about the rights of workers. The event was also endorsed by Malta EU Steering and Action Committee (MEUSAC) which provided informative material with regards to the European Year for Development 2015; and also by Sliema Local Council.

The outcome was encouraging: many people were interested in the topic and children were happily involved in the activities. Another positive aspect that people commented on was the involvement of University students who are seen to be the ones which will shape the policies of the future.

During the event, signatures for the global petition asking for concrete actions to reach the goals were collected, together with signatures for the Global Campus petition which aims at providing students with more opportunity to learn more about social justice and sustainable development.

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