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SUAS is an Irish NGO that supports quality education in disadvantaged communities in Ireland and in Developing Countries. We work with partners to develop, deliver, monitor and evaluate quality education programmes. Our partnership model engages young Irish people as Volunteers at home (for example as literacy support providers) and abroad (as teaching assistants) and, in the process, enables the volunteers to gain a significantly greater perspective and understanding of global issues and of their own role in improving the lives of others at a local and global level. Linking in with our volunteering work, each year we deliver a multi-element non-formal education programme for Third level students, which seeks to increase students’ awareness, critical understanding and constructive engagement with global issues and build a cohort of socially committed young leaders. Suas is driven by a vision of a world where all children and young people are given the opportunity to realize their full potential in life, and to create positive change in society.


CARDET is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental, research and development organization based in Cyprus with partners around the world. CARDET is becoming one of the leading institutions in the Mediterranean region for research and development in education, innovation, Information Communication Technologies, and social issues. CARDET's activity includes e-learning, distance education, professional development, instructional design, teacher education and professional development, mobile learning, and research and evaluation. The CARDET team strives to offer the highest quality research and development capabilities and educational opportunities to benefit society.

CARDET brings together an international team of veterans with decades of global expertise in instructional design, e-learning, distance education, educational reform, educational innovation, and evaluation. They have been advising schools, education institutions, and Ministries of Education in Asia, Europe, and the USA.

Members of the CARDET team have successfully participated in projects in more than 20 countries, several of which were supported by the European Commission, The National Science Foundation, the US Department of Education, Microsoft, The Commonwealth of Learning, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation.


KOPIN (Koperazzjoni Internazzjonali- Malta) is a voluntary organisation working in international development cooperation, global education and migration. KOPIN was launched in on 24 June, 2000. Although Kopin is not bound to any other organisation it has good relations with a number of organisations. Ever since its foundation, a main aim of KOPIN is to network with other NGOs in order to share experiences and expertise with a focus on development cooperation and to build a strong position in advocating for fairer North-South relations that have a focus on the Southern, rights-based perspective.

KOPIN is the founding organisation of The National Platform of Maltese NGDOs and was mandated to coordinate the network until May 2007. Today the Platform is known as SKOP – Solidarjeta u Koperazzjoni – and is Malta’s largest network of NGOs working in the field of development and migration.

KOPIN actively engages in CONCORD and SKOP working groups, has been an active partner of the first four phases of the TRIALOG project and collaborates with European networks such as the Terre des Hommes International Federation. Moreover, the organisation acts as the Maltese Focal Point for Social Watch.

The organisation has implemented a number of projects in the fields of North-South Collaboration, such as Global Action Schools (GAS), Building Unity Through Diversity (BUTD), “Capacity and Synergy building among NGDOs and LAs in Greece, Cyprus and Malta for development” (MeDevNet), “Global Action Schools2Communities” (GAS2C) and “Raising Awareness on Development Cooperation” (RADC).

KOPIN’s current projects are “Educating for sustainable and responsible management of the forests in the world” (Forests in the World), “Climate Change – Enhancing competences on the relationship between MDG1 and MDG 7 as an effective approach to meet both goals” and “European Cross-Actors Exchange Platform for Trafficked Children on Methodology Building for Prevention & Sustainable Inclusion” (Catch & Sustain). It also supports three Ethiopian community based organisations in their development programmes in the fields of health, education, sanitation, climate change adaptation and HIV/AIDS prevention and care.


Sudwind Agentur was founded in 1997 as a non-profit NGO engaged in PR, information and educational work in the field of international development. On local, regional, national, and international levels, Sudwind cooperates with organizations and institutions in the fields of international development, education, environment, culture, and social issues, as well as with various civil society networks and important political figures.

Sudwind's core competencies and key fields of activity are in the area of Global Education, in the production of international development media, in the introduction of international development issues and concerns into civil society initiatives, and in the compilation of studies on global issues. Our work also includes lobbying relevant political figures and decision-makers about our concerns.

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